Friday, August 18, 2006

Does God hate married men?

There is an old joke about how the easiest way to make a woman lose her libido is to put a wedding ring on her finger. Well, the figures are in and the scientists concur. Within a few years of settling down, women tend to lose their libido. All I can do is commiserate with the other married guys.

A number of evolutionary reasons for this lamentable state of affairs have been suggested, none of them, strangely enough, mentioning the possibility that the drop in women’s libido may be due to them coming to know all of their partner’s bad habits. However, I think that the real reason is that God made us that way because he hates it when we have long-term committed relationships instead of humping around like the rest of the monkeys.

I wonder how the "that's not natural" brigade copes with this result? Wait, I know; they'll do the same thing they always do - not even know that it exists.


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