Sunday, July 23, 2006

Who's a proud daddy then?

Over the last couple of days I have noticed my daughter do a couple of things that I am very impressed by but which probably don’t mean anything to anyone else. The first is that she did today a 24 piece jig-saw puzzle with only a little prompting from her mum – 6 piece jig-saws are now a doodle that she can do very rapidly, almost without having to turn the pieces in different directions to try them out. The second is far more important, being the basis for the human ability to communicate rich thoughts and ideas – my little pumpkin is making sentences. Thus far, they are of the subject-verb variety, but there is a definite improvement since when I last mentioned it just a few days ago. I believe from what I have been told by people who look into this stuff, that this kind of jump in development is fairly normal as the child catches onto some vital idea and begins to quickly explore its possibilities – kind of like scientific development or, for that matter, any kind of basically evolutionary process. Theory be what theory may, this is one happy Dada.


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