Monday, June 19, 2006

Do your kids watch Tarantino?

We occasionally allow the little one to watch a bit of television and one of the things she’d been watching is old Disney cartoons, the ones with Pluto, Mickey and Donald. Having seen a couple of them, myself, I have to the conclusion that they are just a basically a concentrated fix of violence designed to go straight to the basic response centres in our basal brains, like something out of Clockwork Orange. The only thing that happens is that some situation is quickly set up and then all of the characters begin to hit each other in various combinations. Porno movies are much the same, the main difference being that the characters are not trying to kill each other the whole time. One could say that I’m just becoming a grouch but my reaction to the old Looney Tunes is utterly difference. Sure, Willy Coyote gets turned into bush steaks in any of a thousand ways but there is generally a plot and the Road Runner has a very good reason to do what he does to Willy whereas the main lessons that kids might possibly get from Disney are to watch out for number one and to do it to them before they do it to you. In fact, Disney cartoons seem to me to exemplify the very worst characteristics of American culture, in Technicolor!


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