Sunday, March 26, 2006

How much daylight can you save?

Today, we all woke up an hour later. The effect is that the sun now sets at a very respectable evening hour. Perhaps I imagined it but it seemed to me like I heard everyone sigh in relief. Mind you, I really wish that we were on summer time all the time. The switching back to winter time makes no sense to me. You end up going to work in the dark anyway so at least you could leave work while it was light instead of having the sun set before four o’clock like it does. Still, it makes for yet another thing to be glad of when the time-change rolls around. Kind of like being glad when they stop pulling your tooth out, really. Part of the problem is that most of Europe is one big time zone so that those on the eastern end have a much harder time of it than those on the western end as the sun sets much earlier, in effect. I really ought to look for a job in Spain! Seville, perhaps.


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