Sunday, January 21, 2007

And you thought it was just a legend, didn’t you?

Human rationality is bounded in every possible way. Human irrationality, however, is boundless. This may be what drew to it the latest bunch of humans to give public expression to their foolishness:
Worshippers who believe in the 12 gods of ancient Greece are trying to stage a ceremony at the Temple of Zeus in Athens on Sunday.

That’s right, these people claim to think that Zeus exists. In fact, given what the Greek myths are like, I wouldn’t be surprised if most of them claimed that they’d actually had it off with Zeus, Apollo and Poseidon, all in various animal forms. Now, I’m all for Bacchanalia but that is ridiculous. Of course, the Greek Orthodox Church does not see the humorous side of it and has got the big guns out:
The Orthodox Church has said they are miserable resuscitators of a degenerate dead religion.

As opposed to miserable upholders of a degenerate dying religion, I guess. They really shouldn’t worry. There’s plenty of crazy to go around.

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At 23/1/07 3:25 am, Blogger Blueflash said...

I'll take some loony new-agers any day over the hate spewing patriarchal authoritarians who constitute much of the leadership of Islam and Christianity.

At 26/1/07 4:47 pm, Blogger Vaxalon said...

If only serious, rational religions were allowed to exist, then you'd be stuck with ... well, in the interest of being less insulting than my host I'll say only "a very short list."

Every religion, pretty much, is silly, when boiled down.

So why the hate for the neopagans?

At 28/1/07 12:17 am, Blogger Notorious Apostate said...

Whoever said anything about hating people who believe in Zeus? I think they are making public fools of themselves to a degree and in a manner not justified by the generally foolish nature of our society but I have no reason to hate them.


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