Tuesday, January 02, 2007

All those who think Christ is King should say aye, right?

Whatever Tony Abbott gets up to in the future, I just hope he doesn’t get ideas from this bunch:
A group of Polish members of parliament have submitted a bill seeking to proclaim Jesus Christ king of their overwhelmingly Catholic country.
Even the Polish Catholic Church thinks this is a nutty idea. There is a back story to this, however. Part of the reason for why this insanity is being discussed now is that just a couple of weeks ago the country’s main paper printed a story accusing a couple of the MPs from one of the parties in the government, including the party’s leader, of offering jobs and positions on party tickets in exchange for sex. Since then, the story has only grown, with numerous women coming forward to tell their stories, including one about a veterinarian trying to cause a late miscarriage. And this is a government whose stated aim is to clean up Polish politics and whose ideology is conservative Catholicism (the minor party in which this has been happening is more populist than religion-based).
It’s very hard not to become cynical about the motivations of supposedly Catholic MPs, isn’t it. I suspect Jesus would not appreciate the compliment.

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