Monday, January 02, 2006

Where's a winter sports store when you need one?

Anybody got a pair of skis I could borrow? Over the New Year’s Weekend we were pretty much snowed in here. In the end a snowplough did manage to make it down our street – just in time to wreck much of the work I had done in clearing the snow off the footpath outside our house. Well, more like shovelling it into a big long pile down one side of the footpath. Now the snow has started to melt a little and every now and again I hear a deep rumbling noise as more of it comes tumbling off the roof and forms great big piles around the house. Around the front it is now possible to walk off the front porch without having to walk down the stairs – it’s at the same level as the door – more than half a metre in height compared to street level.

More than a pair of skis, I wish I had got a sleigh for my daughter as she could have had a wild sleigh ride in the garden over the weekend. She is learning more and more words and sounds. Car is, of course, Broom-broom. The word for heart she manages to pronounce in a way that is so funny that we keep asking her to repeat it. I bet it will get old with her pretty soon. She seems to be dreaming, too. My evidence is that she woke up just earlier, crying her head off, like some bad dream had woken her up. That, and the previous night she talked in her sleep – saying ‘Paupau’, which is her word for the window sill – the place she most likes to sit while I read her a book. Mind you, I’m not surprised by how much she likes sitting on the window sill. It’s one of my favourites, too; and, with all of the perfect snow outside in the garden, the view is quite something on a nice day. Tomorrow I’ll have to make her a snow man. The snow is perfect right now, just a bit wet so it is nice and sticky. Hope it doesn’t get too warm tomorrow. I can’t believe I just wrote that!


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