Monday, December 05, 2005

No mo?

More brilliance from my daughter. She’s fourteen months old and she has learned how to recognise shapes so as to match holes with blocks. Still has a problem turning the blocks the right way though she’s realised she can get a long way by just slowly turning them and jiggling until they fit. For a long time now she’s known a phrase “No mo” i.e. “No more” which she uses when something is missing, such as when you ask her where is her grandpa when he isn’t around. Just this morning she took her dummy, lifted up the padding on the high chair, slid the dummy under it and then pressed the padding down. With a scream of delight she said, “No mo!” Great, now we’ll know what’s going on when things start disappearing around the house. Finally, she’s taken to posing in front of the mirror, grabbing things like her mum’s necklaces and taking up all sorts of silly poses while grinning cheekily. I wasn’t sure if she was just coping someone or if she was looking at herself in the mirror. I had heard about an experiment where someone put paint on a chimpanzee’s face to see if it would recognise itself in the mirror so I went and got some jam and put a dab of that on my girl’s cheek but she didn’t react when she saw herself in the mirror. I don’t know why. I’ll have to try it again, maybe with a bright yellow piece of tissue or something.


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