Saturday, October 01, 2005

If they're on our side, where do I sign to opt out?

From the BBC NEWS site:

The US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, has said that America must not abandon its mission in Iraq.

She said the American public had to realise the consequences of ceding the country to “barbaric kilers”.

That would be as opposed to the ‘coalition’ troops that are estimated to have killed more Iraqis since invasion than Hussein is estimated to have done during his whole term in power (The Lancet study estimated about 100 thousand and that was about a year ago), that destroyed a whole city (Falluja – the numbers of those who died there not being included in The Lancet study but, if they had been, being estimated at 200,000), who routinely shoot civilians and whose soldiers have themselves photographed with their trophies – the torn remains of those they’ve killed – in order to get access to a porn site.

But even to own up to the fact that ‘our’ side is barbaric and murderous would not be to face the whole truth. We have abandoned Iraq already. It is largely controlled by now by the various militias, partisans, criminal gangs and, yes, terrorists with the ‘coalition’ troops staying most of their time in their high-security bases and only venturing out on raids. It’s much like Vietnam, the difference being that instead of a jungle, you have cities full of civilians.

And there’s more. Rice says that people have to realise the consequences of leaving Iraq. Of course, she wants to imply that the place will turn into (even more of) a blood-bath. Well, actually, nobody knows what the consequences would be though they would be sure to be different depending on how Iraq is ‘left’. Certainly, at least one very experienced Iraq expert (Robert Fisk) does not think that a civil war is at all possible.

So, all in all, I’m impressed – somehow Rice manages to combine at least three falsehoods in the one sentence. Mind you that kind of concentrated BS doesn’t come naturally but has to mature over years. I mean, if I said “We have to realise the consequences of ceding Mars to the humans!” people would just look funny at me. The mystery of that kind of BS is all in the years of preparation that goes into making possible a complete disconnect with reality.

No wonder they’re ‘born again’.


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