Monday, February 21, 2005

What is your source of strength?

Some people say that their faith gives them strength. For me, my twin sources of strength would have to be my work and my daughter. Being able to improve practical things and, at the same time, having the freedom to work on fascinating areas of research is the wonderful mix of pleasures to be had in my work. Then, coming home to see my tiny daughter smile, laugh and reach her hand out towards me, all while she learns the very basics of living, is truly exquisite. Someone might say that I could lose all that in a flash but the point is that, for now and hopefully for the rest of my life, these two things are staggeringly powerful. And it is just as easy to lose one’s faith as anything else, so that is no guarantor of certainty. Any way, as I have said to anyone who stopped long enough to listen – if you want extreme experiences you shouldn’t bother jumping out of airplanes; have a kid, instead.


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